China North East Petroleum delivers a wide range of equipment, services, and technologies to the gas and oil industry, all over the world. We’re highly involved in multi-client surveys, reservoir geophysics, micro-seismic, borehole seismic, seismic data acquisition, and processing.

Our seismic data acquisition services specialize in tackling difficult surface landforms including:

  •    Deep seas
  •    Shallow water regions
  •    Tidal water regions
  •    Lakes
  •    Swamps
  •    Deserts
  •    Jungles
  •    Mountains

We also offer state of the art high-resolution, 2D, 2D, and 4D multi-component and multi-wave seismic acquisitions.

Other Services

The other services available include:

  •    Resolution improvement processing
  •    Structural imaging involving difficult and complex geological bodies
  •    Pre-stack inversion
  •    Ocean bottom cable data processing
  •    Data interpretation services

Comprehensive Studies

We currently offer 2D,3D, 4D, in addition to non-seismic data interpretation. We specialize in comprehensive studies of seas, swamps, mountain ranges, plains, and deserts, searching for viable sites. This also includes balance section study, basin modeling, and analysis of found data.

Prospecting Solutions

Additionally, services also include geophysical prospecting solutions that include interpretation of findings, processing services, acquisition, and all with respect to the complex issues that arise with both gas and oil development and exploration.

Service Stations

Our company offers service stations located all over the world. These stations service hundreds of clients by providing kerosene, diesel, gasoline and more, in both rural and urban areas, in addition to along expressways and trunk roads. Aside from these refueling services,  some of these stations also operate as convenience stores.

Additionally, some stations have also undergone extensive upgrades. These upgrades have transformed the stations into smart stations that offer internet technologies.

Our Commitment to You

We pride ourselves in offering the very best services to our clients located all over the world. It’s our hope that we can educate and assist our clients and the community as much as possible in terms of land viability, discovery, and more.