At China North East Petroleum, we apply next-generation technologies in order to responsibly and safely meet the world’s high-quality chemical and energy needs.

Access to energy is crucial for social progress, economic prosperity, mobility, and general human comfort. Essentially, energy needs tend to reach almost every aspect of our modern lives. Over the course of fifty years, our company has evolved, expanding and growing to meet those needs and striving to do so in a responsible and safe manner that allows the environment to continue to thrive.

As an industry leader, we operate facilities all over the world, explore for natural gas and oil on six continents and develop and research new technologies that help us to meet the growing energy needs of the world. Additionally, we do so in a manner that addresses the risks of climate change and encourages us to explore safer methodologies.

At China North East Petroleum, our mission as industry leaders is to continue to grow throughout the world, to take on new challenges, to meet the needs of our clients and to do so efficiently and safely, with integrity and honesty.